Reading Schedules

How to Read Your Bus Schedule

  1. Identify the day of week and direction of travel to select the correct schedule table.
  2. Find the intersection/timepoint location closest to where you want to catch the bus.
    • NOTE: Intersection/timepoint locations are major intersections; buses pick up and stop at any DART bus stop. Use the nearest timepoints to estimate arrival/departure times for a specific stop.
  3. Look down the column under that intersection/timepoint location to find departure times from that stop.
  4. Find the intersection/timepoint location closest to your destination. 
  5. Read to right, along the line from your departure time to see when you’ll arrive at your destination.
Please keep in mind weather, special events and traffic conditions may alter service times

Additional Bus Schedule Information

On a DART schedule you will find the following information:
  • Route number
  • Route name
  • List of major route destinations 
  • Route map showing the route path
  • Departure and arrival times for major stops along the route, called timepoints, by direction and day of the week
  • Fare and Pass Sales Outlet information
  • DART Central Station and Customer Service contact information


How to Read Your System Route Map

DART’s system route map provides an overview of available services. 

  1. Locate your starting point and destination to find the route(s) that best meet your needs. Routes are numbered and are color-coded by Local, Express and Flex services.
  2. Once you have identified the route(s) that fit your needs, determine when to make your trip using route-specific bus schedules.
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