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Getting around Des Moines is easier than ever thanks to DART’s Bike & Ride program. With a bike rack on every Local, Express and On Call bus you can take your bike just about anywhere — work, special events, parks and even your favorite bike trail.
Pedal to the nearest DART stop and DART will pick you up, along with your bike, at no extra charge. Using DART’s Bike & Ride racks is quick and easy. It usually takes less than 20 seconds to load your bike and board the bus.

How it Works

  1. As the bus pulls up, raise your hand to attract the attention of the operator. Before you step in front of the bus, make sure it is completely stopped and the operator sees you. 
  2. If the rack is in the upright position, squeeze the release handle (located in the top center of the rack) to lower the rack.
  3. Lift your bike into the wheel slots. If there is already a bike on the rack, load yours in the opposite direction in the remaining slot.
  4. When your bike is loaded, lift the support arm up and over the front bike tire as close to the bike frame as possible. 
  5. Board the bus and pay your fare.
  6. When approaching your stop, remind the bus operator will be unloading your bike. Then exit through the front door
  7. Lift the support arm from the bike’s front tire and take your bike out of the rack
  8. If the rack is empty, please raise the rack up against the bus. Return to the curb and signal the operator that you and your bike are safely away from the bus. 

Tips and Rules

  • DART’s bike racks will fit most single-rider, two wheel bikes including children’s, all-terrain bikes and electric assist bikes, but not Des Moines BCycle bikes. BCylce bikes (Street Collective Bikeshare bikes) do not fit in the bike racks. Tandems, recumbents, mopeds, and any motorized or combustible bikes, and tricycles cannot be mounted.
    • Minimum tire size is 20 inches. 
    • Maximum tire size is 29 inches.
    • Maximum tire width is 2 inches.
    • Maximum wheelbase is 44 inches.
    • Maximum weight per bicycle is 55 pounds.
  • To allow for faster boarding, please remove all loose items, including water bottles, computers and pumps from your bike before the bus arrives at the stop.
  • For safety reasons, always load and unload your bike from the curbside of the bus.
  • Riders are responsible for loading, securing and removing their bikes from the racks. For safety reasons, bus operators cannot leave the bus to assist bike rack users.
  • Children 10 and younger are not permitted to use DART’s bike racks unless accompanied by an adult. 
  • Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each rack can carry two bicycles. If the rack is full, please wait for the next bus. We apologize for any inconvenience. 
  • Bikes are secured by the tires, not the frame, and two loaded bikes will not touch each other while on the rack.
  • Personal locks, chains or other securement devices cannot be used on bike racks. 
  • Bikes are not allowed inside buses unless they are collapsible and fold into to the size of a standard piece of luggage.


Lost & Found

Unclaimed bikes will be kept in DART’s Lost & Found and held for no more than 30 days. Please call Customer Service at 515-283-8100 if you leave your bike or other belongings behind. DART is not responsible for any theft or damage while a bike is mounted on a rack or at any DART facility. 

Bicycles at DART Central Station

Bike Racks
Public bike racks are on the northeast sidewalk. DART is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen bicycles.

Secure Storage
Indoor bicycle storage room and changing room available for a $50 annual fee plus a $50 deposit. (To download bicycle storage application, click here.)

Bike Sharing
Docking stations for the Des Moines BCycle program are on the north sidewalk (BCycle bikes do not fit on DART bus bike racks).

General Guidelines
  • Obey all traffic rules and regulations.
  • Park bicycles only in bicycle racks.
  • Walk your bicycle through station facilities and on passenger platforms.
  • Bicyclists are responsible for securing and carefully handling bicycles on DART buses and in station facilities to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  • Bicyclists are responsible for any personal injuries or loss as a result of their negligence on DART buses or facilities.
  • Bicyclists are responsible for protecting others from sharp edges on their bicycles.
  • The use of DART’s changing rooms is limited to 10 minutes per person per use (see Rules of Conduct).
  • All personal items and trash must be removed from changing rooms following use.
  • In case of an emergency resulting in evacuation, bicyclists are advised to leave their bicycles on buses or in facilities to avoid impeding others during evacuation.


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