Des Moines Public School’s Partnership

As an Unlimited Access partner, Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) contracts with DART to offer free rides to DMPS employees and middle and high school students. DART's school tripper routes are available here.

DMPS staff benefits

DMPS employees can ride any DART route free anytime by showing the driver their staff ID when boarding a DART bus. Staff must present their physical ID to qualify for these free rides.

DMPS student benefits

DART and DMPS partner to offer rides to middle and high school students as a way to meet their transportation needs.

Students assigned to DART for school transportation

DMPS officials assign which students ride DART for their school transportation. These students can ride their assigned DART route free to and from school by scanning their student ID on the farebox when they board a DART bus. Copies of DART's school tripper routes are available here.

For the 2023-24 school year, most students at North High School and Harding Middle School can ride DART free any time of day. This ridership expansion was made possible thanks to a Principal Foundation grant. DMPS and DART will evaluate whether improved access to transportation to and from school impacts attendance and educational outcomes at both schools to determine the success of this grant.

Students can find out if their school assigned them to DART for transportation by speaking with the administrators at their school. Please note that students need to scan their physical ID and cannot scan an image of their ID on their phone or other device. Students who have lost or misplaced their ID should speak to administrators at their school to get a replacement ID.

DMPS ID image

Students not assigned to DART for school transportation

Students with yellow on their ID under the DART QR code are not assigned to DART for school transportation. However, these students can still ride any DART route to/from school by paying half fare when boarding the bus.

Unlimited Access for all students when school is not is session

All students can:

  • ride any DART route free on school days after 4:30 p.m.,
  • ride any DART route free all day on weekends and any day when school is not in session.

How to Ride

Students need to scan the QR code on their student ID on the fareboxes on DART buses to ride for free. These QR codes correspond with the colors above and are programmed based on transportation assignments set by your school. Students must have their DMPS ID to be able to ride. Students are not allowed to use an ID that is not their own, or an image of an ID on a phone or other device. Students who lose their ID should consult with school staff to get a new ID or temporary bus pass.


Students or parents with questions about whether or not a student qualifies for school transportation should contact their school administration.

If you have questions about DART’s services, please contact DART Customer Service by calling 515-283-8100.


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